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Celebrating Multicultural Children’s Book Day: The Magic Poof

The Magic PoofTo celebrate Multicultural Children’s Book Day, we were sent the book “The Magic Poof” to read and share with you all.

It’s a sweet tale about a little girl named Ange-Marie who has a very unique best friend – the magical giant poof of hair on her head! The first of a series, the book introduces us to the mischievous Poof with playful illustrations and a relatable story about a child preparing for picture day.

Maura could definitely see herself in Ange-Marie. They’re both 7 years old, and while she doesn’t have Ange-Marie’s poofy hair, Maura’s hair definitely has its own distinctive personality… it never does just what we want it to do. It’s always sticking up every which way, as it gets very staticky, especially now during the cold months. Come to think of it, I can’t believe I’ve never taken a photo! Maura’s learned to laugh it off and just live with it, because the more she tries to pat it down, the more it misbehaves! A lot like the Poof.

Reading "The Magic Poof"

Stephen Hodges’s “The Magic Poof” is well-written, beautifully illustrated by T. Kyle Gentry, and leaves you feeling all warm and fuzzy with its positive messages about self-esteem and friendship. I like that it encourages children to embrace their unique qualities and accept themselves (and others!) as they are.

In fact, it served as a conversation starter, as after reading the book Maura and I talked about how everyone’s hair and skin color is different, but how this makes us all special and one-of-a-kind. An unexpected benefit? Maura didn’t complain quite as much when I brushed her hair this morning. ;)

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