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Holiday photo cards from Shutterfly – now in Spanish! [with a giveaway]

Shutterfly holiday photo cards
This is part of a sponsored campaign with Shutterfly and DiMe Media, however, all opinions expressed are my own.

This may be the first year that my holiday cards go out early! Before Thanksgiving, even. One more thing I can check off my to-do list. I’m so happy with how they came out, and really love Shutterfly’s new Spanish-language designs. Now I can send cards to my family in Mexico and South America in their language… and with time to spare!

Holiday photo cards are important to me because not only is sending cards out a tradition, but adding a photo of my girls to it is an easy way to share how much they’ve grown over the past year with family and friends who don’t see them often enough. It’s nice that Shutterfly offers designs in Spanish so that I don’t have to create my own from scratch. Saves me time!

My Shutterfly holiday photo cards

Speaking of saving time, creating and ordering personalized Shutterfly holiday cards is incredibly easy. It took minutes! In fact, getting my daughters and our dog to all look at the camera at the same time for the photo took much longer, haha!

To create your holiday photo cards:

  1. Visit and log in to your account (or create one).
  2. Look for designs you like. I browsed through the recently launched Spanish-language designs, and was pleasantly surprised to see dozens of options! My technique is to look through all the designs first, and click on the heart next to the cards I like to add the design to my favorites.
  3. Upload your photo(s).
  4. Click on a design you want to try out and add your photo(s) to it.
  5. Add text.
  6. Try out a few different designs, and save your favorite ones.
  7. Once you’ve decided on the card you want, do a final preview. Don’t forget to check your spelling!
  8. Choose the envelope you’d like. White is included in the cost; colors are extra.
  9. Add your cards to your shopping cart and check out!

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