365 Project. A photo a day.

One of my undertakings this year is 365 Project, a photography project where I’ll take one photo every day for a year. Some of you are probably thinking – that’s not hard! – but it is. Considering the fact that sometimes I won’t pick up my camera for weeks at a time, this will be quite a challenge for me.

How it works.
Always have your camera on hand and take a photo everyday. There are so many different possibilities! You can take a photo of yourself or choose a theme; a photo of what you eat could make it similar to a food journal, for instance. Or… just take a photo of anything! That’s what I’m doing. I’ll try to capture what’s important to me on that particular day. Hopefully there will be some of me scattered throughout, but I can’t guarantee it. My favorite place is behind the camera.

Then, share it with the world.
I’m not sure if I’ll post my photos daily, but I’ll try. I’ll be adding them to 365project.org and to Flickr, and each Friday will do a “Week in Photos” post here on my blog. For those of you that have been considering starting a blog, this would be a good way to get it off the ground. It’s easy to do with Blogger – then just post a new photo everyday, write a little blurb about it, and with time, you may even be inspired to write more. If blogging’s not your thing, another option is to post your photos to a Facebook album for all your friends and family to see. There are several Flickr groups that you can add your photos to – 365 Days, Project 365!, and Project 365. And if you tweet about it, make sure to use hashtag #project365 so that others who are interested can easily find your photos, too.

What am I hoping to get out of this?
Time flies. I’m hoping to slow down a bit. I want to be more present. Experimenting with my camera is another aspect I’m looking forward to. I need to venture off the Automatic path. I’ll look back at my year in photos and hopefully learn a little more about myself. What truly is important to me? What did I accomplish? Where did I go? Who did I meet?

Does this sounds like something you’d like to take on?
Visit some of the following links for more information and inspiration. I started on January 1st, but you can start any day you’d like. Picking a special day might make it easier to see the project through until the end. Your birthday, or the day one of your children is born, for example. If 365 photos seems daunting, you could always make it a 52 project, and take one photo a week. There are no rules.

Have fun with it!
If you’re participating, please leave your link in the comments so I can go check out your photos!

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  1. says

    Good luck! I’m doing it too. I’m trying to do it with photos that are NOT of my children because I have no problem taking pictures of them. I’m trying to break out of my comfort zone. First day was easy. Second and third, not so much. Only 362 more to go! LOL
    .-= Heather´s last blog ..Just A Few Shots =-.

  2. says

    Such a fun idea! I’d like to give it a try. This will help me with ideas on what to blog! I think I’ll try taking pics through out the week and then post it at the end on my blog! Here I go!
    .-= Beth´s last blog ..Recent happenings =-.

  3. Melissa G says

    Good luck, a friend of mine does the envisage2009.blogspot.com that inspired me to do the same thing on my blog. I either do a picture a day or a video. I am now on day 124 and it is hard somedays but its lots of fun. Can wait to see what you post!

  4. says

    A lot of things is on my plate this year. I recently started blogging about oh-stuff and sometime late February started my 365project. It really is hard, I often post my photos late but I’m committed to finish this project. And blogging. Love this blog of yours.
    Ann Lee´s last blog post ..Recognition- Liebster Award

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