Blog ‘Spring Cleaning’ – Day 7

Day 7: Write a link post

You may already share many of your favorite links on Twitter and Facebook, but now it’s time to do so on your blog! It’s likely that your readers will be just as interested in what you like to read as you are.

I’ve been slacking a little on it lately, but my Weekly Roundup is always a fun selection of links from across the blogosphere, as well as random websites that I come across.

How do I find these links? In Google Reader, I add a star to blog posts that I want to revisit. If I happen to stumble upon a website that I want to share with my readers, I bookmark it in a folder I set up precisely for that purpose. In Twitter, I favorite tweets with links that I want to visit but don’t always have time to at that moment.

Today’s homework?

  • Link link link! Write a link post that links up to at least one other blog. Read about 6 types of link posts on ProBlogger and the reasons why you would want to link out in the first place.
  • Declutter your sidebar. Remove widgets and buttons that slow down your page or are irrelevant. Does it serve a purpose to your readers?? My philosophy – when in doubt, throw it out! Rearrange what you’ve decided to keep so that it’s easier on the eyes. I find that sometimes text links are a better option than tons of buttons. My “I review products for…” section is an example of that. Read about 50 Tips to Unclutter Your Blog at Skelliewag.

If you’d like to participate, leave a comment so we can visit your blog and see how you’re doing! You can also link up specific blog posts relating to today’s challenge below:

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    • Mariana says

      I’m so glad you’re getting so much out of this! It really is making it worthwhile for me to see you, Cathy, and others enjoying it and taking it so seriously. Thank you!