Chuggington party!! [ideas on throwing your own]

A couple of weeks ago we hosted a Chuggington-themed party for a bunch of Maya and Maura’s friends. We played games, had snacks, and watched a special episode of Chuggington (the one airing tomorrow!) Hopefully these ideas will help you throw a traintastic Chuggington party for your kids!

Decorating cupcakesChoo choo!Chugga chugga!

Chuggington Party Games

  • Chugga, Chugga, Choo, Choo!: Instead of ‘duck… duck… GOOSE!’ have kids play this Chuggington-themed version!
  • Chuggington Chairs: Using the Chuggington theme song, encourage kids to play musical chairs.
  • Chuggington Dance Off: Challenge each “trainee” to create their own dance moves to the Chuggington theme song. Record their moves and create a music video for parents and kids to view after the party.
  • Chuggington Scavenger Hunt: Create clues or a train map for kids to follow to find a grand prize.
  • Conductor Says: Create your own Chuggington version of Simon Says. Conductor says “honk your horns!”
  • Form a “Chugga” line: Like a ‘Conga’ line, but with a Chuggington theme!
  • Pin the Wheels on the Chugger: Make a train using poster board and attach it to a wall. Using construction paper and craft supplies, have kids decorate their own ‘wheels’ and then have them close their eyes and pin (or tape) their wheel on the Chugger!
  • Red Wilson: Create your own Chuggington version of Red Rover. ‘Red Wilson, Red Wilson…’


  • Chuggington Fruit Salad: Fill a large bowl with fresh, brightly-colored fruit to match the colors of your favorite Chuggington characters. Remember Wilson is the red train (strawberries, watermelon), Brewster is blue and yellow (blueberries and pineapple), and Koko is lime green (honeydew melon!)
  • Chuggington Cupcakes: Provide kids with all they need to decorate their own Chuggington cupcakes – green, blue, and red frosting, sprinkles, and edible eyes.

The kids went home with a conductor hat, coloring sheets with their favorite characters, a pack of crayons, and a CD with a copy of the show’s theme song. This video shows some highlights from the party:

What I’m really excited about are the new toys coming out next month. Have you heard? The Official Online Chuggington Store just launched.

There are some pretty awesome-looking die-cast trains.

Check ’em out at

You can pre-order now for mid-June delivery!


Disclosure: I was provided with a complimentary Chuggington ‘party pack’ to host this party, which included some fun stuff, like those adorable conductor hats for the kids! No other compensation was received for this post.

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  1. says

    Thanks Mariana for writing a post about throwing a Chuggington birthday party for your child. Cute ideas, games and I bet everyone had so much fun!
    Last summer I threw a Lightning McQueen birthday party for my son. On my blog I included photos of the DIY cake and goodie bags, and in the comments section suggested a few theme games.
    My son likes Chuggington too, but I think he’s routing for a Spiderman themed party this year :-)
    .-= Laura – Frugal Friends in Northern VA´s last blog ..Free Cookie Tasting at ACKC in Alexandria tonight 6/3/10 6:30-8 PM =-.

  2. Katy Juranek says

    Hi! I came across your website while searching for party ideas for my son’s birthday, which is coming up soon. He loves Chuggington too. Could you tell me where you found the Chuggington conductor hats? And any other party supplies?

    Thank you in advance for your assistance.

    Best regards,
    Katy Juranek

    • Mariana says

      Hi Katy,
      I apologize for responding so late to your comment! I missed it somehow. Your son’s birthday party has probably already happened by now. I’m not much help anyway – the conductor hats were sent to me directly from Chuggington’s PR team and are not for sale anywhere. Party supplies haven’t been developed yet, but are in the works.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      • Becky says

        care to share how you convinced the PR team to send you the hats??

        My son’s birthday is coming up later this month and he is very excited about a Chuggington theme. I have a friend making a custom cake for me. But the hats would be AWESOME!

  3. says

    thank you for sharing your chuggington pary ideas and I love the video. Could you tell me how you downloaded the chuggington music for the party and to give as a party favor.
    Thank you

  4. Denise W says


    Yes, thank you also for sharing your story!
    I would also like to know how to go about contacting
    the PR department for the conductor hats.
    I have made some decorations.myself, hired someone
    to make the cake because of course no local grocery
    stores or bakeries don’t know anything about
    Chuggington and I can’t bake at all, and rest of the
    Party supplies it seems I am not creating myself i have
    ordered from the UK! This is crazy….it would be great
    to have a party hat especially that one!
    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!