Happy Anniversary to my Husband

For better or for worse, for richer or for poorer…

This past year has tested us.
Pushed us to our limits.
But we are stronger for it.

I think it may have been the best year of our marriage… so far.
It just keeps getting better!

Thank you for…
believing in me,
encouraging me,
making me laugh,
loving my cooking,
making me feel beautiful inside and out.

For being you and letting me be me…
and sorting your own socks, since you know I hate doing that!

I look forward to sleeping beside you every night,
waking up with my head resting on your chest
and your whispers in my ear.

You still give me goosebumps.

You make me feel safe.

The way your eyes sparkle when you look at our daughters fills me with a
sense of happiness that is only outweighed by the way they reciprocate that love.

Happy 9th anniversary, babe! I love you.

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