Georgetown Cupcake yumminess!

I ordered a dozen cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake for my birthday.

Chocolate Banana – Orange Blossom – Red Velvet – Chocolate PB Swirl – Key Lime
Chocolate Birthday – Vanilla/Chocolate – Coconut – Chocolate Squared – Vanilla Squared


I’d been wanting a cupcake from this place for the longest time. While I don’t go into Georgetown often, it’s only 20 minutes away. The problem? The line at Georgetown Cupcake is super long, usually wrapping around the block! Always. Am I willing to wait one or two hours for a $3 cupcake? No way.

You can’t imagine how happy I was to see that Georgetown Cupcake delivers! I mean, I knew that they ship all over the US, but if you live within the DC Beltway they deliver cupcakes to your house for only $10! You have to buy a minimum of a dozen (which costs $30), but the delivery fee is more than reasonable, in my opinion.

So, yes. I splurged and spent $40 on cupcakes for my birthday! I was good and only ate two, though – Key Lime right after opening the pretty pink box, and Red Velvet after dinner. Those that were lucky enough to visit me on my birthday got a surprise cupcake. So did Maya’s teacher.

Oh… you want to know if there were any good?

Hmm. Only oh-em-gee good! The Key Lime cupcake… ahh. I think I’m still dreaming about it. The frosting was perfect! Sweet, slight tangy, with little bits of fresh lime zest sprinkled throughout. The cupcake itself was so dang moist! I don’t know how they do it. I was left wanting more, but I didn’t need more. I was completely satisfied. Know what I mean?

Georgetown Cupcake - key lime

The Red Velvet wasn’t quite as moist, but delicious nonetheless. Give me a bowl of that cream cheese frosting and I’d lick it clean. Seriously. I also had a bite of my husband’s PB cupcake. So rich.

Now that I’ve made your mouth water… even if you don’t live inside the Beltway, you can get these cupcakes delivered to you, too! But they don’t come cheap. Expect to pay around $55 for a dozen, overnighted to you from Washington, DC. Soooooo worth it for a delicious and unique gift.

I’ve never watched the reality show DC Cupcake that airs on TLC, but I’ll be tuning in now!

Have you ever been to Georgetown Cupcake? What’s your favorite flavor?

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  1. Emily E says

    I’ve never cared for their show because they just come off as annoying sisters, but after my husband’s office sent him a dozen for his birthday I’ve decided to give it another try. They were amazing!