Pledge Multi Surface Spray [review]

Being the oldest of three kids, I had a big chunk of the cleaning responsibilities. All the chores my siblings were too young to do fell on my shoulders! Washing dishes, vacuuming, and handling any type of household cleaner, just to name a few. The one task that I didn’t really consider to be a chore was polishing our wood furniture. I found it relaxing, and still do, in fact. I’d rather do that than a sink full of dirty pots and pans any day!

Pledge Multi Surface Spray is a product that I’ve trusted on my furniture for a long time. Having one product that works for a variety of surfaces is a must! I’ve also used the Pledge Multi Surface wipes, but I always go back to the spray. I like using my own cloth. Just my personal preference. I grabbed the big Yellow Can one night, after the girls were in bed, and ran around the house finding different surfaces to clean.


You probably already know that Pledge dusts, cleans, shines and protects wood furniture. Did you know that you can use it on leather as well?

The only leather piece we have in our home is my favorite dark brown leather ottoman. I was afraid to try it the first time… I followed the instructions to try it on an “inconspicuous area” first, and nothing happened. No discoloring or staining. Nothing blew up. LOL. Then I polished the entire thing, and it looks like new! That extra protective layer will really help it last longer, I think, especially with something like this that is used (and beat up) so much.

Product Review: Pledge on... leather


Our wood console table by our entryway has a beautiful beveled edge black marble top. I’m always seeing water rings on it (pictured on the left). After wiping it with Pledge, I could see my reflection in it! No streaks on the marble whatsoever. Nice.

Water rings... yuck.Product Review: Pledge on... marble

kitchen cabinets and stainless steel appliances

For some reason, I always used to limit my polishing to the dining room and living areas. Maybe because that’s what my mom had me do when I was younger, and it’s stuck with me. I don’t know, but I have to say that polishing the kitchen cabinets was a revelation! They’re beautiful as it is – the kitchen is one of the reasons we bought this home – but now they’re gleaming!

Product Review: Pledge on... cabinets

And stainless steel appliances…
I never would have thought to clean these with Pledge. Just look at my microwave. No fingerprints!

Product Review: Pledge on... stainless steel

You may be as surprised as I was to learn that Pledge works on a variety of sealed surfaces in the home! My house now has that lovely lemony smell, too. For more information on Pledge, please visit

This post is sponsored by Pledge. I received monetary compensation for my participation, but my review and opinions are my own.

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