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I’ve teamed up with Scott Common Sense to giveaway one $50 Visa Gift Card to put towards those backyard barbeques, along with coupons for Scott Long Lasting products. Just leave your favorite summer tip in the comments section below for your chance to win!

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  1. Selene M. says

    Summer should be enjoyed. Choose relaxation or recreation over chores, but keep plenty of water handy and don’t forget the sunscreen and insect repellent.

  2. judy brittle says

    Summer tip? Be prepared for everything. Make sure that first aid supplies are stocked,doctors names and numbers handy, On rainy days and kids are bored bring out some fun things to do that you had hidden for the kids to enjoy. Thank you!

  3. says

    My favorite summer tip is to ALWAYS apply that sun Block BEFORE you head out the door! Do NOT under estimate the harmful Effects of the sun’s rays! They are very damaging and over the course of a lifetime they are cancer causing.

    After a few hours outdoors Re-Apply the Sun Block., Apply after sweating and swimming of course!

    Thanks so much for the chance to win!

    .-= Leslie M´s last blog ..Who needs a Hot dog eating contest ughhhhh! =-.

  4. says

    I already subscribe to your feed

    .-= Leslie M´s last blog ..Who needs a Hot dog eating contest ughhhhh! =-.

  5. says

    Leslie Mayorga is a fan of Riding With No Hands on Facebook. already!!

    .-= Leslie M´s last blog ..Who needs a Hot dog eating contest ughhhhh! =-.

  6. says

    I faved you on Technorati. My user name is LeslieVeg

    .-= Leslie M´s last blog ..Who needs a Hot dog eating contest ughhhhh! =-.

  7. says

    Stay in the shade as much as possible – always apply the sunscreen. Keep plenty of cold water and/or gatorade available and I moisten wash cloths and put them in a ziploc to cool the little ones off when needed.

  8. says

    Don’t put your apples in the same place you put your carrots, they will become bitter.
    .-= valerie2350´s last blog ..Winners!! Ravens Giveaway! =-.

  9. Donna Holmberg says

    Me and my 5 girlfriends take turns hosting a backyard BBQ. We each hold one group BBQ during the summer and we split the food preparation. We rotate so nobody has to do the same thing every time. One person holds the party and provides cups, plates, napkins, spices and condiments; one peson brings the meat, one person brings a couple salads or side dishes; one person brings chips, dips, fruits and veggies; and one person brings desserts. We can trade off with each other if – if the person who has side dishes wants to do desserts she can switch with the dessert person if they’re interested.

    We have so much fun and our families stay close this way.

  10. Carol says

    Stash water bottles and sunscreen in your car, purse, and bags so you’re never without them.

  11. Vickie Couturier says

    My favorite summer tip is to freeze water in bottles to keep drinks cold an then I can use the water as it melts to drink an I wrap in it a towel an we use the dampness of the towel to also cool off with,so much easier to carry an it stays cold!

  12. Vickie Couturier says

    I follow on twitter an tweeted; vickiecouturierLearn about the Scott Common Sense Community and enter to win $50 Visa gift card from @ohMariana!

  13. Ellen C. says

    My favorite tip is to freez juice in ice cube trays and use that in my son’s sports bottles to keep his drinks from getting watered down.

  14. Denise says

    During the day, close your windows and cover them with dark shades for an energy-saving way to keep cool. At night, open windows to let the air circulate.

  15. Courtney Tarver says

    A good tip for tick removal during the summer is to apply a generous amount of liquid soap to a cotton ball. Cover the tick with the soap-soaked cotton ball and hold it there for 15-20 seconds. The tick will come out on its own and will be sticking to the cotton ball when you remove it. It works every time, and no trauma!

  16. Michelle Hohertz says

    I follow you on twitter and tweeted your contest
    mhohertz Learn about the Scott Common Sense Community and enter to win $50 Visa gift card from @ohMariana! than 5 seconds ago from web

  17. Michelle Hohertz says

    My favorite summer tip would be to bring bottles of ice water with me wherever I go. The bottled water you buy when you’re out is never cold enough on a really hot day so it ends up being lukewarm while you’re drinking it, whereas you can pack a bottle of your own with filtered water & ice from home and be comfy.

  18. Sondra says

    My favorite tips are the basics…drink lots of water and use plenty of sunscreen! Have a great summer.

  19. Deanna Dill says

    My summer tip is to just have fun! Enjoy the kids and make memories! Also try to go to one new place that we haven’t been before! Thanks for the chance!

  20. says

    The best thing to do in summer is scour for garage sales! You’ll find great items at great prices! Much cheaper and more fun than going to the mall!

  21. says

    My Favorite summer tip is to find things to do that don’t cost money and do one thing a week that does.
    Things that won’t cost you Walks in parks, free days at the zoo and museums, play dates with friends and sprinkler fun in the yard.
    .-= Tricia @Night owl mama´s last blog ..It’s Not Too Late Send A Free E-Card Today =-.

  22. Tamara B. says

    My favorite Summer tip is when going to the beach always bring a spray bottle of vinegar or some meat tenderizer. This will help take the sting out of a Jelly Fish sting. I always use foundation that has sunscreen already in it.

  23. Tom says

    My summer tip is make sure you remember to use OFF at night and sun block during the day !

  24. Nita says

    Use a toaster oven instead of your regular oven to minimize heating up the kitchen.

  25. sandy says

    there are lots of things to do like library programs… free movies or dollar movies..concerts in the park

    you can do fun things like making painted tshirts or pillowcases on older stuff or tye dye…make it fun

    use an indoor grill instead of oven

  26. Nadine L says

    My favorite summer tip is always have mosquito protection on and spray again as often as needed. Also make sure your dogs are protected by heartworm medication. One mosquito bite can be deadly or at the very least painful because of treatment needed to combat heartworm disease to a dog.

  27. Jamie says

    Throw an ice cream party! It’s inexpensive and you get to see the best of people. Who can be angry while eating ice cream!

  28. Kelly Ann T. says

    To save money on get fresh fruit and produce go to your local farmers markets.

  29. Marilyn Wons says

    Instead of soda pop, our family drinks plenty of water. We have pictures of cold water in the fridge!

  30. Andrew K. says

    Use sunscreen and reapply as needed to keep from getting nasty sunburns when having fun outdoors.

  31. sunshine moreno says

    i keep the after sun care gel in my firdge so if we get a little more sun than we would like the temperature cools as it soothes

  32. Kathy Luman says

    Drink plenty of water. Make sure you always use a good sunscreen. Walk more and enjoy the weather instead of driving the car, when ever you can.

  33. Renee C says

    Keep a bottle of sun block in the car in case you forget to apply before leaving home!

  34. celeste I says

    always have an ice chest with water in the car, otherwise it is not safe in the car with the extreem heat, anyone curious. see how sheryl crow links it to her cancer. anyways we also always have water in the fridge along with aloe vera and plenty of gatorade and pedialite.

  35. Darlene Taylor says

    My summer tip is to enjoy it, especially for those of us who live in areas where we only have the warm weather for a short while.

  36. Erica says

    Drive with the windows down when you can – it’s a nice alternative to the air conditioning and you save gas!

  37. Pamela Callahan says

    Make sure you have a high SPF sunscreen and reapply it every few hours!

  38. debi welbon says

    Keeping hydrated is so important – everywhere we go we take along a Sig bottle for all of us with nice cold water!

  39. Margaret Smith says

    I keep a tote bag handy with sunscreen and bug spray (we have a lot of deer ticks in our area). Whenever we go outside or go to the park or hiking, the tote bag is ready to go with us. This way we never forget to put on sunscreen and protect ourselves from bug bites.

  40. Mendy says

    When packing a picnic, put some damp paper towels in a ziploc baggie. Throw the bag in your ice chest. When it’s time to clean up, these are an effective way to clean up messy hands. They also feel lovely on a hot day!

  41. Tracey Byram says

    Always have enough sunscreen and insect repellant on hand for everyone.

  42. Angela in Ohio says

    I take a water bottle with me everywhere I go. you have to stay hydrated and buying a bottle if you forget can get expensive

  43. Cynthia C says

    A splash of 100% fruit juice in a glass of water adds some flavor without a lot of calories or artificial sweeteners.

  44. Heather S says

    Always make sure you have fluids with you as it is very easy to get dehydrated. We carry water with us and a cooler in the car so we save money and always have drinks available.

  45. Yvonne Huff says

    Make sure you protect yourself with sunscreen. You really don’t want to end up with skin cancer in the future.

  46. Cheryl W says

    Make sure you keep a supply of popsicles in your freezer. Your kid’s friends will love you for it!

  47. SUZANNA says

    popsicles bring back a lot of fine memories growing up HOT NY SUMMERS Popsicles and MOM`s homemade lemonade to cool you off sititng outside under the big old shade tree thats Summer

  48. Sandra K321 says

    I make sure the kids wash their legs and arms with strong soap if they have been anywhere there might be poison ivy, like in the woods behind our house.

  49. Carol G says

    Don’t forget to check on your elderly relatives and/or neighbors, especially in the heat alert days.

  50. Sharon Harmon says

    Tired of your favorite summer drink getting watered down from melted ice cubes? Or getting warm too quickly? Tip: Make your favorite flavored Kool-Aid, fill an ice cube tray with it, freeze, put ice cubes into your favorite flaved drink, and Enjoy!! Thank you for the contest!

  51. Elena says

    Homemade popsicles are fun for the kids and cheaper than buying them at the store! Thanks for the contest!

  52. Laura says

    Every September I stock up on summer goodies that are on clearance. Then in June, when school lets out, the kids have new things to play with.

  53. Amber G says

    My favorite summer tip is to wear sunscreen! Even if it is not that sunny outside, you do still need it.

  54. Patrice says

    Make your own flavored water by placing lemon, lime or orange slices in a pitcher of water. Cucumber slices in water also make a refreshing drink.

  55. Miaelkaye says

    My summer tip is to stay in a air-conditioned building for a long as possible. :)

  56. chris conanan says

    make sure you always wear sun screen when going outside even if its not real hot

  57. ashley says

    whatever drink your kids favorite is.. ours is koolaid. pour into an ice tray and freeze. then whenever you pour up that drink, put the flavored ice cubes in it! it makes it stay cold and the kids like it better because it doesn’t get watered down as the ice melts

  58. simone says

    I always carry sunscreen in my purse for impromptu trips. Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com
    .-= simone´s last blog ..Gators anyone? =-.

  59. Kate says

    My best tip – keep a basket with sunscreen and bug spray near the door so you and the kids always remember to put it on before going outside

  60. Heidi Gail says

    I make vinegar based pastas rather than mayonnaise based side dishes because they stand the heat better.

  61. Janice Whitaker says

    Carry sunscreen.Its really dosent stay on you that long so you need to reapply!

  62. Shannon Brown says

    Scott towels are very soft for my family to use especially my little girl and love the wipes they have a good smell and feel good.

  63. says

    We keep a lot of bug spray and spray on sun block on hand – so no one is itchy or burned while enjoying the weather!

  64. Deborah R says

    Keep water easily available when anyone’s outside. I like to fill up reusable bottles in the evening and put them in the freezer overnight. Then I tuck them on the back porch and under a tree near the patio so everyone can rehydrate without thinking it’s too much trouble to come back into the house. I also keep a roll of paper towels in a plastic covered cake dish near the hose so kids and gardeners (meaning me) can wash and dry hands with ease.

  65. Beth says

    My tip is to buy lots of travel size sunscreens and stash them everywhere – in my purse, in the car, in the diaper bag – and then I’m never caught without sunscreen.

  66. Alicia Webster says

    My favorite summer tip is to relax and let everything else go. For at least a week, let the dishes pile up, do no laundry, and eat Twinkies for breakfast and Taco Bell for dinner. The kids love it, the hubby loves it ( because you are relaxed and happy and have more energy for hanky-panky), and you will thrive as you sip your Mai-Tai and read your new issue of Instyle.
    Alicia Webster

  67. Mickeyfan says

    A great, healthy treat is frozen grapes. Yep, just wash them and stick them in the freezer. Yummy!

  68. Mary M says

    Reapply your sunscreen after a few hours, even if you haven’t been in the water! And remember, NO sunscreen is water PROOF, only water RESISTANT.

  69. Tawnda says

    keep a spritzer bottle of water in the fridge. Spritz face & neck when you get too hot

  70. says

    I like to cute my corn on the cob into “chips”. Just cut them in slices! They are quick and easy to eat that way…PLUS the corn doesn’t get stuck in your teeth.
    .-= Crissa Robertson´s last blog ..A Dieters Dream =-.

  71. Angela J says

    Have everything ready so any meat can go from the house onto the grill without delay.

  72. Joannie says

    Keep yourself and your family well-hydrated during these hot days of summer. And keep the sunscreen handy to protect the skin of those you love!

  73. Debra F says

    Those 4 foot blow up pools are great if you can’t afford a real pool. Especially if your little ones love to swim, it will keep them busy and cool all summer long. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  74. Kathleen says

    My tip would be to use lots of sunscreen even when its not super sunny outside. Thanks.

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  75. Michelle says

    my mother told me to wear a dryer sheet on my person somewhere while outside and it would keep the bugs away. so I stuck one to the back of my shirt, and surprisingly it worked!
    .-= Michelle´s last blog ..Moving is NOT fun & Tmobile is EVIL =-.

  76. Amy Zachek says

    My summer tip is to not worry about money and to just have fun and do what you love!

  77. Stephanie V says

    lots of sunscreen to protect your skin and lots of water to stay hydrated. We don’t leave home without our SIGG’s
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  78. Angela R. says

    When having a family cookout, don’t worry about everything being perfect, just enjoy the day!

  79. Joanne Schultz says

    i follow on twitter – js22222222 .
    I tweeted -

  80. Beth says

    We encourage our girls to wear hats while outside. It helps keep the sunscreen off their faces but their faces out of the sun!

  81. says

    My favorite summer tip is to carry around a bag of beach toys, change of clothes and a towel in your car. You never know when you’re going to need it! Also, carry a large zip-loc for wet bathing suits.
    .-= Nicole Ibarrondo´s last blog ..It isn’t easy being green…but we can help =-.

  82. Debi says

    Drink alot of water and use sunscreen and keep food out of the sun and cold.
    Thanks for the contest :-)

  83. says

    Keep a container of baby powder in the car and sprinkle it on damp, sandy feet after a beach day — the sand will dry up and brush right off easily! No more sand in the car!
    .-= Karen´s last blog ..All Done, or Almost Done? =-.

  84. Pat B says

    I’m not a fan of summer, so I stay inside with the AC and do a lot of reading.

  85. Denise B. says

    Cook to order on the grill (at the same time as others) to save yourself from having too many leftover dried up burgers, etc. I find that I am unlikely to eat from the grill when everything is just loaded on it and cooked to death. I always cook everything the way our guests like it, and everything goes; and our guests don’t go away hungry.

  86. EMMA L HORTON says


  87. laurie says

    dont forget to pack all the cold stuff in lots of ice and the hot stuff on the stove, to keep things from spoiling. thanks

  88. Gena says

    Make sure you apply sunscreen 30-45 minutes before going in the sun. If you do it just before it doesn’t work as well

  89. Jacob says

    Drink lots of water. Sodas and teas can dehydrate you, especially in hot weather

  90. jennifer c. says

    The most important summer tip I have is to use sunscreen, lots of it, and reapply it regularly.

  91. kathemc says

    Enjoy the weather while you can — don’t hide inside in the A/C! Venture out, wear a hat and sunscreen, and drink lots of water — no soda!

  92. andrea says

    Where we live our summers are short. So we try to enjoy it as much as possible.
    Sunscreen is a must..

  93. Keitha says

    My tip is to wear mosquitoe repellent. Or at least where I live this is very important

  94. says

    My favorite Summer tip is to drink plenty of fluids and wear sunscreen… especially between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

    roseinthemorning [at] gmail [dot] com

  95. Marian Barton says

    My favorite summer tip is to slice up some watermelon and head to the beach because it is free, and don’t forget the sunscreen!

  96. Kristi says

    Here in Florida where it is really hot right now, I love to make smoothies with all kinds of fresh fruits. One of my favorite healthy smoothies that I also use as a meal replacement is to put ice, a scoop of powdered strawberry slimfast, a scoop of muscle milk light in vanilla flavor (this is a protein powder and very tasty on it’s own too), a banana that I have frozen the night before, (this is important because a frozen banana makes the smoothie thicker) skim milk and then blend. I could drink one everyday, they are really good.

    Thanks for the giveaway and have a nice evening!

  97. Peter says

    One that I’m re-learning is to put sunscreen on, wear a watch or have someone timing us when we’re swimming and don’t stay out in the sun for more than 30-45 minutes at a time. Then rest in the shade, re-apply sunscreen, and repeat. Having someone check for growing pinkness would also be good. I’ve been burned twice this summer already and it seems like this lesson is harder to learn than it should be.

  98. Cynthya says

    Find out if there is a local farm where you can go and buy fresh produce, or pick your own.

  99. Shelly T. says

    My favorite tip apply sunscreen indoors at least thirty minutes before sun exposure. Also stay well hydrated by drinking lots of water and take water with you everywhere.

  100. Lorri S says

    Wear sunscreen and sunglasses.
    .-= Lorri S´s last blog ..Mom Central Summer Giveaway Bonanza =-.

  101. Jessica says

    My favorite summer tip is to keep a potted rosemary plant on your patio, not only is it great for cooking but it helps keep mosquitoes and other insects away.

  102. Debbie Perkins says

    My best summer tip is to have your freezer stocked with Otter Pops. My kids love them, and they really help to cool you down after being out in the sun for a long time. Oddly enough, they’ve also come in very handy this week with my coming down with strep throat!


  103. dewey1973 says

    Wipe your grill grate with vegetable oil to clean it and keep food from sticking.

  104. mitchell says

    clean the grill right when you turn it off – its easier to remove the debris when its hot.
    thanks! (

  105. Belinda says

    Keep some new things tucked back that can be done inside when it gets too hot to play outdoors.

  106. carole says

    Since I live where summer is 9 months long –we keep the guest bedroom stocked with everything guests might need. Especially insect repellant and sunscreen.

  107. alicia wallace says

    Take advantage of the long days to spend time with your family outdoors.

  108. says

    NEVER leave the house without sunscreen! As a pale-skinned redhead, I’ve been following this step my entire life. Now that I’m 32, I look a lot younger b/c I don’t have the wrinkles or skin worries my other friends have.
    .-= she´s last blog ..Week of 7/6 Giveaways! =-.

  109. says

    Make meals ahead of time and put them in the freezer so you can enjoy those summer evenings with the family outside.
    .-= Cortney´s last blog ..Rag Balls =-.

  110. Amy says

    Summer tip is buy berries while they’re fresh and freeze them spread out on a pan so you can have them all the time!

  111. says

    I would say my favorite summer tip is to grill as much as you possibly can! It keeps the heat outdoors and keeps your house cooler.
    hematopoiesis at hotmail dot com

  112. Christine says

    Spend some time each weekend with family and friends so you don’t feel like all you do it work on your time off. Thank you for the great giveaway!

  113. Katherine says

    Even if you don’t have much time off, or much money, take a day trip, and pack a lunch. Be a tourist in your own town!

  114. Danella Winters says

    Yeah, take some time for yourself with loved ones. Do not work all the time when you have time off! This can become mundane.

  115. says

    my afvorite summer tip is to cut lemons in half and put them on the corners of your deck to keep mosquitos away, I have no idea but it somehow works.
    .-= Jennifer´s last blog ..Win Number: 41 =-.

  116. jgos says

    Stay cool in the summer heat by keeping well hydrated with chilled water and homemade frozen popsicles!

  117. MelodyJ says

    After a day in the sun apply an aloe or cocoa butter based lotion on your skin. It’s very healing.

  118. Rebecca says

    Always take water with you everywhere you go! I like to keep my son hydrated. Plus, he loves to drink from mommy’s special water bottle!~

  119. chris says

    we take water everywhere and always apply sunscreen through out the day
    and spend lot’s of time outside!!

  120. Mary says

    My summer tip is to find shade and stay out of the sun as much as you can (especially during the sunlight’s peak hours).

    mfalcon13 at hotmail dot com

  121. Katie says

    Carry bug spray in your bag — that way you can stay out at dusk wherever you are without going running back to the car. Can you tell I live in the Midwest?
    .-= Katie´s last blog ..I had to share. =-.

  122. says

    If you are going on a road trip with little ones, make sure to print out a map for them too, so they can follow along. When they ask “where are we now” you can just point to it on the map. They love it. Thanks.
    .-= Telisha´s last blog ..My 6th Win =-.

  123. says

    A wading pool filled with just 1-2 inches of water is my favorite summer tip! It’s shallow enough to keep my toddlers from drowning, but enough cold water to keep them cool and entertained! A little piece of Heaven for this single momma! LOL
    .-= Alexia´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday: "Like ma hat?" =-.

  124. Karen says

    I keep a frozen wash cloth in my freezer. This helps with bee stings, cuts, scrapes and even sun burns.

  125. socmama says

    Turn on the lawn sprinkler! My kids are entertained for hours and the grown-ups end up having fun too.

  126. charline says

    Just have fun no matter what your doing summer is for fun in the sun.

    Best tip
    Bug spray(I hate skitters)

  127. Sandi Smith says

    I leave Simple Green and paper towels out so I am ready for any messy needs.

  128. Barbara says

    I take some frozen gel packs to the grocery store with me and put them in the bags with my milk and other cold and frozen food. I find that my milk stays good beyond the expiration date if I keep it very cold on the 15 minute drive home.

  129. Rachel says

    My summer tip is be outside as much as you can. I have a nice awning over my patio so I can read outside while I wait for my husband to grill. The best part is being able to eat outside. We have tiki torches to keep away most insects, it’s a wonderful way to enjoy a meal.

  130. joanmurraycefalu says

    Think about summer the way you did as a child and just let loose! Hope I win :) .

  131. Linda says

    Paln special activities for the kids through the summer. Visit parks, look for historical markers,take hikes and go on picnics are just a few ideas.

  132. Laura S says

    Living in the deep south, I mostly stay indoors during the hot humid summer months and enjoy the outdoors the rest of the year.

  133. bridget says

    I try to think of different places to take walks – through the downtown, woods and beaches.

  134. Jennifer M says

    We make sure to take our refillable water bottles everywhere we go so we can stay hydrated.

  135. Autumn B. says

    on hot days put your pillowcase in the freezer & take it out before bed — instant cool down!

    autumn398 @

  136. Chris G. says

    My favorite summer tip is to stay inside where there is air conditioning! Thanks for the giveaway!

  137. Jamie says

    My favorite summer tip is – USE MATCHLIGHT!! It makes charcoal grilling so much easier – I can even do it!! :)

  138. Barbara M says

    When I”m working in the garden I always wear a wide brimmed hat & have a big bottle of water.
    It’s so easy to get overheated so these are great precautions/hints.

  139. Amy says

    My favorite summer tip is to go for a walk with family or friends in the evening after dinner — it’s cooler then and a great way to catch up.

  140. ky2here says

    Cut up watermelon chunks and freeze them. Nuke them for about 30 seconds and enjoy natures perfect fat free, added sugar free treat.

  141. Elsie says

    Summertime …

    I wake up a little earlier, it’s cooler to move about, to get going and do something… almost like waking up in the Spring!

  142. Taralyn says

    My favorite summer tips is play in the sprinklers as much as possible with my kids! Lots of water, lots of sunscreen, and lots of watermelon make for a fun afternoon (and longer naps afterward!)

  143. Christine says

    Put a little bit of water in your portable water bottle and keep it in the freezer overnight. It’ll keep your drinking water cold while you carry it around the next day.

  144. REBECCA says

    I carry a spray bottle of water, a wet towel, and bottled water when outdoors or running my erands.

  145. adrian says

    My favorite tip is to always wear sunscreen during the day and bug spray at night.

  146. Donna says

    Enjoy a morning at the pool and a nice nap after lunch in your cool home! Follow-up with a grilled dinner and then some homemade ice cream :)

  147. estella miller says

    Summer tip: When going to any outdoor events on a warm or hot day, we always carry a couple of face cloths in the cooler. They stay icey cold and are perfect to drape over the back of your neck or forehead for instant relief.

  148. Megan B. says

    Use plenty of sunscreen and always have aloe vera on hand! Nothing worse than a sunburn to ruin all the fun!

  149. Jason Nickolay says

    My best Summer tip is to never forget to make time for the Lake


  150. Rosey says

    Summer Tip: Keep a trial size bottle of sunscreen with a high SPF in your purse. Chances are you will need it more times than you think!

  151. barbara wright says

    Sunscreen! Sunscreen! Sunscreen! Even when you THINK you’re only going to be out a few minutes…. or when you THINK it’s going to rain.

  152. Amy S says

    Avon Skin so soft for good smelling bug spray !

    I’d love to win this prize, thanks for sponsoring this.


  153. Jacqueline in Atlanta says

    I always wear my moisturizer with sunscreen in it, even if I don’t put on my makeup. I have a fair complexion and burn fast. Also, to avoid “agespots” on your hands, put moisturizer or sunscreen there, too.

    Thanks for having the giveaway.

  154. Linda says

    It is very hot and dry where I live and we take water with us everywhere. If you get thirsty you are already dehydrated so drink water before going out in the heat.

  155. Tari L. says

    Be sure to stay hydrated. I keep water in the car for when we are out and about and the kids get thirsty.

  156. Doug says

    being sure to use mosquitoe repellant, since they seem to be quite annoying this year

  157. Patricia Treskovich says

    Go for a walk and enjoy nature–you’d be surprised how many people spend time indoors in the summer!

  158. Renee Borders says

    I keep plenty of cool pops in the freezer for all my grandchildren and I pass them out freely to them and their friends. :)

  159. Elena says

    Always have watermelon in the fridge – nothing seems to quench my thirst better than a slice or two!

  160. jaimee says

    My favorite tip is to play outside first thing in the morning before it gets too hot, then lunch, naps, and then swimming. Gets lots of extra energy out, time outside, and they sleep well at night!

  161. Angie Q. says

    I keep a sprinkler ready so when its a very hot day we can run around under it for fun! My son loves it.

  162. Kristy says

    Try not to use your stove. It heats up the house way to much/. Use a crock-pot or grill out.

  163. jjampm says

    I love to give the kids paint brushes and pails of plain water to paint pictures on the sidewalk and patio.

  164. Aisling says

    Cook outside on the grill whenever you can. Tastes great and keeps the kitchen (and the rest of the house) cool.

  165. Alaine says

    Instead of using an air conditioner (high energy costs), I put a bowl of ice water in front of a fan!

  166. Lori says

    Grow your own herb garden in a container. Plant a few of your favorite herbs and put them outside your back door. Water daily in the hot sun. As you need to make things for a party or dinner, you’ll have fresh herbs to make it extra special. It’s so easy and very rewarding.

  167. michelle robbins says

    Take a ziplock bag full of ice and damp washclothes to cool yourself off when traveling/picnic/ball games.

  168. says

    Kids are more likely to want to drink lots of water if you put it in bottles they love!
    .-= Spoodles´s last blog ..Bamboo Baby Gear Giveaway =-.

  169. Yvonne Butler says

    Like everyone drink plenty of water. Try to do any outside activities in the early or late part of the day. Combine as many activities as you can to do at one time. I take out garbage and put up the mail at right before dark. Since I have to get in the car to go there, it makes sence to do togather.

  170. Carol S says

    Keep spray bottles in every room and in the car and when the heat is just too much spritz yourself and cool down. Thanks

  171. says

    OOPS meant to leave my summertip first..It didn’t go through lol

    I love to freeze water bottles & juice bottles and have them on hand for when we’re out and about or road trips..Saves tons of money and is a nice way to have something cold to drink on hand!

    thanks for the chance to win!

  172. says

    I subscribe via email and I guess my other comment is moderated due to the link being in it! oops lol
    please disregard the extra one when it shows up, so sorry!

  173. Annamarie says

    I have a ladder that has a paper towel holder, perfect for Scott paper towels. I use it all summer for painting and picking cherries in the back yard, the paper towel holder comes in handy when things get messy.

  174. Mimi the kitten says

    Fave summer tip: just relax and be happy. Don’t get too over-stressed about having to make the most of summer – just “be”!

  175. Nicole says

    Favorite summer tip- find free things to do. The park, festivals that don’t require entry fees, etc. Otherwise, you can go broke!
    .-= Nicole´s last blog ..Sarah Street Grill =-.

  176. Molly Capel says

    I keep a beach bag filled with sunscreen, water & fruit snacks, for those inmpromptu summer trips.

  177. LindaD says

    Hire a life guard certified teenager to watch children in the pool during a party where adults may be distracted by hosting duties and the general party atmosphere.

  178. Sandra K321 says

    I buy the kids sunscreen and bug repellant with the clips on them so they can take them with them attached to their sports bags or their bikes.

  179. Danielle L says

    My favorite summer tip is to freeze fruit juice in ice cube trays for a great treat in drinks or just to suck on alone!

  180. Teresa says

    I have a insulated small color. I always carry it along with us; filled with juice bottle, water bottles. With the weather hot, the kids and myself always get thirsty.

  181. Johannah B says

    Never go out without your sunscreen!! Wear light color hats too to shade your face and protect your head from sunburn!!

  182. Jay F says

    Favorite summer tip:keep insect repellant in the car. Never know when you’ll need it.

  183. April says

    I have everything packed and ready to go in the back of my SUV for a trip to the beach any day of the week. Less work and more spontaneous that way. April1p(at)yahoo(dot)com

  184. Susan B says

    We sit outside a lot on summer evenings, and we turn on the sprinklers for the kids and dogs – lots of happy memories of when the kiddos were little – screaming when they got wet, being chased by wet, barking dogs!

  185. says

    If you can, freeze the foods before you put them in your cooler for a long day trip. This works for sandwiches, juices, and meats and hotdogs for the grill.
    .-= Deci´s last blog ..1806 Scott County =-.

  186. Gloria Dornin says

    when going on a trip freeze water bottles and use to keep foods cold in your cooler and wala ! You then also have cold water

  187. Susan Smith says

    I take my kids to the park early in the morning when it hasn’t gotten real hot yet. We always use sunscreen and bring water.

  188. Debbie says

    The first application of sunscreen goes on the kids before the swimsuit. That way it drys before you go out into the sun.

  189. Sharon Seneker says

    My favorite summer tip is to book your summer vacation for next summer this summer so you can extend your beach trip throughout the winter if you go online and see that your beach house is indeed reserved for your 2010 visit. These happy thoughts & memories can keep me going on through cold gray winter days! Thanks!

  190. Teresa L says

    My favorite summer tip is to stop relax and pay attention to little details of life. Every little moment is special take time to document them.

  191. Megret says

    Freezing orange juice in popsicle molds for healthy, 100% fruit juice freezy treats for hot days!
    Thanks for the chance.
    musesofmegret (at) gmail (dot) com

  192. Tiffany says

    My favorite summer tip is to avoid using the oven. We try to cook up things that don’t require the oven (or at least shorter cook times). This forces us to get creative.
    .-= Tiffany´s last blog ..Free Sample :: Bodycology Body Lotion =-.

  193. Tiffany says

    I’m an RSS subscriber!
    .-= Tiffany´s last blog ..Free Sample :: Bodycology Body Lotion =-.

  194. Tiffany says

    I have your button on my Links page!
    .-= Tiffany´s last blog ..Free Sample :: Bodycology Body Lotion =-.

  195. JW says

    Favorite summer tip? Become friends with the rich neighbor and soak in their pool for no fewer than three hours a day.

  196. Chelsea says

    A day set aside completely to listen to your favorite music (per say the beatles) laying in a hammock by a private beach on a sunny day when there’s that perfect amount of breeze where it makes you just cool enough to be perfectly comfortable laying in a bathing suite outside.

  197. Jessica Maurer says

    Take up offers around your town when it comes to free things. For example, the movies here show free films in the morning. I bring my little brother to see them for free.

  198. Letessha says

    My best tip in the summer is to do more stuff and spend more time outdoors as possible to keep kids busy/happy.

  199. Justine says

    My fave summer tip is to always bring a towel with you, you never know when one of the kids will want to jump in a fountain or play in the water!

  200. JRG says

    Pack summer stuff in the trunk of the car at all times – swim gear and so forth. You never know when…….

  201. says

    I always pack the kids water in their container cups wherever we go. No matter what they are always hungary or thirsty. This helps keep them hydrated and they don’t complain as much… I pack snacks in zip bags(gram sticks, ritz crackers, fruit snacks, ect). Always be prepared is the best tip with food and drinks!
    .-= Beth G´s last blog ..Blessings Abound Reliable Steamboy Steam Mop Giveaway =-.

  202. Selinda McCumbers says

    Make it simple! When entertaining, plan on things such as BBQs to help with the time and lessen the worry!


  203. Carol Wolf says

    My summer tip is to invest in an insulated bag such as those sold at the supermarket and to carry it with you if there’s even a slight chance that you’ll be food shopping or bringing home part of a restaurant meal.

  204. says

    I keep summer simple. I don’t plan big events I just let them happen. I will randomly stop at the waterpark with my grandsons just because it looks like a good day to play. I make sure there is always a change of clothes and towels in the van, just in case we decide to get wet while we are there!
    .-= Linda S´s last blog ..Not a Whole Lot to Say =-.

  205. Gloria says

    My summer tip is to relax and enjoy the outdoors, Sit outside have a barbecue. Look at the birds and butterflys and forget about the housework!

  206. Nicole D. says

    My favorite summer tip is to keep small bottles of sunscreen and bug spray in the car – you never know when you’ll unexpectedly stop somewhere, and you won’t have to worry about packing them.

  207. Ali Hammons says

    My summer tip: Don’t stay inside for too long.

    When the weather is great, we like to go out for walks, to the park, to the beach, camping, wherever we can be outside. Staying inside for too long makes you sluggish and lose motivation. We know from experience, so we’ve decided to not stay inside for too long. However, do make sure you protect yourself from extreme heat. Sunblock, lots of water, and don’t over do it outside.

  208. ecky says

    my favorite tip is to pick a moisturizer with spf that way you don’t forget to put on sunscreen at least once!

  209. Michael Kuntz says

    My summer tip is to HAVE FUN! Enjoy the sun but do it responsibly… wear sunscreen!

  210. Melly says

    Summer Tips: For a great bbq flavor, buy cedar logs and soak them in water, then cook salmon on the grill, its delicioso!

  211. Sharon McCloud says

    In the summer I cook all my meals for the week on Sunday so that we will keep the house cool during the week my husband works outside so when he comes home he needs to be cool

  212. Noralee says

    My summer tip. Do your outside activity in the morning or late evening and go to the library, museum, mall … and do indoor activities. And water. I can’t stress it enough! Weather you’re inside or out you need lots of water.

  213. Jenny Martin says

    My favorite summer tip is Frozen Grapes–the kids love them–and they cool you off so fast

  214. susan smoaks says

    i like to drink water all day every day, i feel sick without a bunch of water in me

  215. Molly K says

    Make sure to always drink lots of water and make sure your pets have plenty of water as well.

  216. Erin says

    Give everyone in the family their own water bottle to bring on summer outings to the beach, park, etc. We use Sigg bottles and put them in the refrigerator the night before so they are nice and cold. Having cold water in a special bottle encourages my kids to stay hydrated on hot days.

  217. Denise says

    Don’t overwhelm your self with specifics. It’s good to plan for trips, but too much planning can rob it of its fun. : )

  218. Mary says

    I always took my children to the beach after dinner (around 7-8pm), it is still warm without the harsh sun on them.

  219. Shelly says

    Summer clothes are a lot less bulky then winter clothes. So when going on vacation, to make life easier for you, pack an entire outfit for each kid in a labeled one gallon ziploc bag. Then you can just hand the child the bag and getting dressed is a snap so you can spend more time at the beach :)

  220. Happi Shopr says

    take plenty of breaks when working in the yard – the heat can sneak up on you and be deadly.

  221. allegro says

    at my son’s boy scout camp, they make a daily announcement: DRINK WATER OR DIE. THAT IS ALL.
    NOT very tactful but it says it all.

  222. wendy wallach says

    Bring water everywhere you go so you stay hydrated!

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  223. EdV says

    Do all of your errands early in the morning when it’s still relatively cool outside.

  224. Tanya says

    I keep the bug repellent wipes in every purse and bag we own
    .-= Tanya´s last blog ..bObles Review and Giveaway! =-.

  225. jennifer h says

    freeze your water bottles so that they stay cold all day long in the hot sun.

  226. Christie says

    Turn your air conditioner down to a cooler degree at night and really let the house cool down while it doesn’t have to battle the sun. The house will stay cooler longer during the day after a night of cool down.

  227. Zoey says

    With all those outdoor parties, remember to eat some sensible food before going to that party to save on calories.

  228. Amanda S. says

    My favorite tip is to have fun! Summer doesn’t last long enough, so savor those fun moments while you can!

  229. Andrea B says

    To get a little extra exercise, park clear across the parking lot, so you’ll have to walk further.

  230. Lauren says

    When going out to eat, bring a cooler with several ice packs so you can store the leftovers inside. That way, you can enjoy the rest of your evening without having to run home and put the food in the fridge.

  231. Geoff K says

    The summer tips I usually follow are ones that help lower energy usage and costs: for example, raising your thermostat to 78 degrees in the summer, raising it even more when you’re away for more than 8 hours, and keeping the shades closed while your a/c is on, all can really help with efficient energy consumption.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  232. Suzanne says

    My favorite summer tip is wear lots of sunscreen while in the sun. Protect that skin now!

    txhottie_86 at yahoo dot com

  233. Angela Winesburg says

    Always apply sunscreen during the summer when you’re going to be outside, even if it looks “cloudy” out!

  234. Miles DeFortuna says

    Cross ventalation in your house! I know that seems like common sense, but it’s such an energy saver!
    .-= Miles DeFortuna´s last blog ..1968 Tunnel Rats =-.

  235. Tina H. says

    When we go for picnics, or even days at the park I freeze the juiceboxes that way by the time we are ready for them they are nice and cold and thawed out.


  236. renee says

    Keep your curtains and blinds closed against that hot summer sun to help lower your electric bill. If you want some sunlight, go outside :)

  237. Alan D says

    Wear a cap or visor to protect from your face from the sun. Also, apply sunscreen and reapply if necessary. Then go out there and have some fun.Thank you.

  238. Alison says

    My #1 tip this summer is to make sure I use a sunshade for my car windshield when the car is parked. We’ve had triple-digit temperatures most days this month, and my husband measured the temperature inside his parked car at nearly 140 degrees yesterday, even WITH a sunshade on and the windows slightly open!

  239. Melanie says

    My summer tip is that the summer is the perfect time to go through your closet, and get rid of all the things you no longer wear or need. Early September is the perfect time for a garage sale, so plan one and sell the things you decide to get rid of!

  240. Lindsay says

    My biggest summer tip is keep hydrated. We live in Phoenix so its important for everyone to stay hydrated and drink lots of water.

  241. Karen says

    My favorite summer tip is shop at local farm stands and go to u-pick farms whenever possible and get the freshest, cheapest produce! We pretty much live on fruits and veggies all summer :)

  242. Brian E. says

    Thanks for the giveaway… Hang a wasp trap in your yard (well away from your BBQ / outdoor eating area) a few days before that big weekend get together you planned, so that you can thin the wasp population a few days before the party !

  243. Dillon says

    Sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen. I’ve already had one scare with skin cancer so it’s super important to cover up and use sunscreen.

  244. Paula Harmon says

    Once in a while (not all the time) I turn the hose on low, and just hand it to Chubby-huggy (usually while hubby is grilling because she won’t leave him alone) and the look of delight on her face-priceless! Of course, I make sure she can’t reach the grill, or she would have that fire put out right away.

  245. Jeanette H. says

    Use LOTS of sunscreen! You may want that tan to make you look good but if you end up with skin cancer, it won’t look so good anymore!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!


  246. Joanne says

    Hang a dryer sheet on your waist to keepbugs away-I also hang one from my umbrell handle- works great

  247. Lori C. says

    After a nasty bout of poisin ivy, I am learning to be more cautious & aware and teaching the kids to be also.

  248. Michael says

    Prepare your own meals… and summer time is the prime time! Given the economics and the way food establishment employee’s (often part-time teenage help) desecrate your food – note: bugs are the least of your concerns – it’s more than common sense to eat at home.

  249. Sheila H says

    Take snacks, we are out a lot during the summer, and fast food can add up quick. Oh, and drink a lot of water!

  250. Greg says

    The best summer tip I have is use bug repellent. Especially where we live with west nile virus being so prevalent it’s really important.

  251. Karen A. says

    Wear pants and long sleeved shirts when walking in the woods to help keep the ticks off your body.

  252. addrienne mertens says

    i read somewhere that you take a dish of joy lemon dish detergent and put it away from the party and the mosquitoes are drawn to that and fall in…hey it works! have fun

  253. Leslie S. says

    I keep watermelon chunks in the freezer for a nice cool snack for the kids.It is a great alternative to sugary popsicles.Thanks!

  254. Kimberly says

    Frozen grapes (and other fruit) make great snacks on hot days and are much healthier than popsicles and candy.

    Also, freeze iced tea or lemonade in ice cube trays to use in those drinks, will keep them cold without watering them down :)

  255. says

    I love sangria, but it always loses flavor when the ice melts. Instead of adding juice to the wine, I freeze juice into ice cubes and pop a couple in before guests arrive. Then I serve them their drinks with a couple extra cubes and some fresh fruit! Keeps the drink from watering down and the colored cubes add interest!
    .-= Molly´s last blog ..So not tech savvy…. =-.

  256. Kristi says

    Favorite summer tip: Wear the least amount of clothes you can get away with to stay cool!
    .-= Kristi´s last blog ..Your lovin’ can’t pay my bills, I need money! =-.

  257. Sharon C says

    Each family member has their own reusable water bottle and all are filled with mostly ice and a small amount of water prior to any outing.

  258. Lisa says

    A summer tip is to freeze juice boxes/water bottles before going out so they are still icy cold by the time youre ready to drink them

  259. Marjorie says

    I often can my own foods and dehyrate others so
    ‘i can be really sure of what my family is eating.

  260. Jennifer says

    I keep a constant supply of Bourbon Slush in the freezer for a cool down without having to make extra drinks. It’s easy and quick.

  261. Carolyn Ireland says

    Plan activities befroe 10am and after 5pm to avoid heat and sun exposure.

  262. Angela C says

    My favorite summer tip is to “wear sunscreen”! This is so very important for everyone, from the young to the old.

  263. Kate says

    Take summer as ‘relaxing time’ to enjoy with your kids. Take it a little easier. And yeah, bug spray and sunscreen for those activities!

  264. SGG says

    Put on your sunscreen as soon as you get out of the shower so there’s no chance to forget when you are rushing out the door.

  265. kathy pease says

    dont leave anything out that catches water or your mosquito population will be much worse

  266. says

    Before booking a hotel room for a summer trip, research online. Booking either several months in advance or right before you leave (when hotels may have many empty rooms to fill), can lead to great deals.
    .-= Larry W. Harms´s last blog ..White Screen Of Death =-.

  267. joanna smith says

    We love to entertain in the summer and have lots of barbeques. Very often the kids feel left out as the parents (us) sit and tend to the grill, make drinks and just get caught up in grown up conversations. Two very inexpensive ways to keep the kids entertained are buying lots of chalk because the little girls love to play hop scotch using the sidewalk in our backyard that leads down to the lake and the little boys love playing horseshoes. These are 2 quick, easy, no set up involved ways to keep your kids having fun, staying active, and in sight of where you can see them and still have some adult fun too! Thank you so much for the chance to enter.

  268. joanna smith says

    I am a fan of Riding With No Hands on Facebook, my username is Joanna Smith

  269. DanV says

    My favorite summer tip is to spend time outside the family, with bug spray and sunscreen of course

  270. says

    My favorite summer tip is to keep it cool inside and out. As in, make homemade frozen smoothies, take cold (as you can stand) showers, make ice cream floats (root beer, orange soda, cola, or any flavor you can think of with vanilla ice cream), chill some homemade popsicles, anything that lets you cool down quick and simple. And never overlook the value of a good box fan!
    .-= Sadiana!´s last blog ..Free Book Friday! =-.

  271. Michelle H. says

    When going on camping trips or family outings in the summer, I like to put an ice pack wrapped in foil in my toiletry case to keep items from melting.

  272. Troy Rockwood says

    Best summer tip I’ve heard wasn’t a summertime tip: Spend more time with your loved ones.

  273. Brandy says

    We grow a lot of our own fruits and veggies and have fun canning them as well as making jams. Swimming in the pool is another wonderful family time event.

  274. Catherine KingChuparkoff says

    Put sunscreen on your kids!! I grew up in Florida and back in the 70’s it wasn’t well known the damage the sun could do to a childs skin. Now I am 38 years old, have had a melanoma surgically removed, over 20 pre cancers burned of my arms and legs, and had my face undergo a carac treatment where you put the lotion on for 10 days and it reveals and eliminates the precancers without scarring-my entire face was speckled as if I had chicken pox. I now have 7 and 5 year old fair skinned daughters and we use nothing less than a 50 spf and preferable a 70.

  275. Helen says

    Always carry around water, extra sunblock and a hat as the weather could change and these help avoid a sunburn or heatstroke.

  276. katherine dunn says

    My best summer tip is to stay cool, drink lots of fluids and always wear sunscreen!


  277. says

    Wear Sunblock EVEN on cloudy days (they are the worst because you don’t realize how much rays you are getting)…. Drink lots of water also

  278. Cindy says

    Lots of fun just lounging with your family in the pool, do it often, stay safe, and have fun!

  279. Barbara Long says

    Enjoy the weather outside but make sure you use a good sunblock and you stay hydrated with plenty of water.

  280. Dan says

    My best tip is utilize bbq. Cooking outside is not only fun but it lowers your cooling costs by not using your oven during the summer.

  281. Lime says

    My summer tip is, on long car trips, make sure to bring CD’s for the CD player in case of traffic jams.

    People, you will be bored. The music will help with that. Might I recommend “Halfbreed” by the Keef Hartley Band?

  282. says

    A great tip is to always have a box of wipes in the car for clean-ups!
    .-= Rajee´s last blog ..Aller Ease Cotton Pillow Protector Review and Giveaway =-.

  283. denice p says

    my favorite summer tip is in addition to wearing sunscreen wear a sun hat while outside. they help so much in keeping away sunburns. thanks!

  284. Julie L. says

    I bring fabric softener sheets in my purse/diaper bags. I rub them on my kids’ clothes. They keep the mosquitoes away. I’m always a little leery to use the insect repellent spray on the kids because of the chemicals.

  285. Lauren says

    My tip is to make sure you don’t leave food out too long at parties because bacteria can grow in just a couple hours. Put only some of the out and take more as needed.

  286. Gianna says

    Always bring something to drink along with you. You never know sometimes how long you’ll be out!


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