Stink bugs – they’re everywhere!

But we’ve learned to live with them. They’re harmless, after all. They don’t bite, they don’t sting, they don’t transmit disease. They’re just an annoyance. And they come inside the house because they’re looking for shelter from the cold. When I approached this stink bug to take a picture, it stopped and looked right at me. Almost like it was posing for the camera.
Stink bug

When I stepped back, it continued it’s journey, walking along the entire length of train tracks. Having nothing else to do, we just sat there and watched the stink bug until I grabbed a plastic cup from the kitchen, caught it, and flushed it down the toilet. I’m tired of killing them. It doesn’t seem to affect their population whatsoever.

I watched an episode of Rachael Ray a couple of weeks ago that highlighted this stink bug problem. Dr. Ian Smith calls the brown marmorated stink bugs “the new bedbug.” Do they really stink? A guest on the show said yes. If they feel threatened, like skunks, they’ll release a liquid that smells like “rotting trash, dead fish, spoiled food.” Fortunately I’ve never been exposed to this smell, as I try to get rid of them in a gentle manner.

Dr. Ian Smith said that if you really want to get rid of them, find the nest, and destroy it. That sounds like an impossible task, if you ask me! You can also vacuum them up (I wouldn’t do that to my vacuum!), or try a home remedy of dish soap and water in a spray bottle. Common pesticides don’t work well with these bugs.

While they aren’t harmful to me personally, I know farmers have suffered from this stink bug invasion. They attack any type of crop, it seems. I’m hoping scientist discover a safe way to get rid of them!
Stink bug 2

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  1. Stephanie says

    Uggggghhhh! These things drive me nuts. I know they’re harmless, but they’re so…prehistoric looking and creepy, and they do that slow clumsy buzzing around. Seems like they always wait until right after I’ve turned off the light and gotten into the bed at night, and then “bzzzzzzzzzzz bzzzzzzzzz bzzzzzzzzz.” Freaks me out!

    I think they smell like rotten cilantro.

  2. says

    We have stink bugs here, too. When we first moved here (Montana) people warned us not to crush them or they’d stink. They can get pretty thick in tall grass in the summer. We’ve found a few inside this winter, too. The kitties love to chase and catch them, but they must be able to perceive the bad scent cause they won’t grab them with their mouths like they will a fly. I don’t like them, but I’ll take them over roaches or weird spiders any day!
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  3. Li says

    Gosh, bugs that smell? Sounds like a friggin’ prank to me. Nature’s funny like that.

    I’d definitely call Orkin and have them get rid of the damn nest. Otherwise, how many times can you flush the toilet on these little buggers?! They’re not paying your water bill.

    Stupid smelly arrogant stink bugs. I hate them.

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