Water – Don’t take it for granted

glass of water

I found this photo on my daughter’s camera a few weeks ago, from a night we went out to dinner. It’s just a glass of water, but Maya thought it beautiful enough to take a photo of it. Just water… no big deal, right?

It’s only the most essential substance for life’s existence...

So why do we take it for granted?

We need clean water to live, farm, bathe, and clean…

So why do we take it for granted?

When I was a little girl and lived in Mexico with my grandparents back in the early 1980s, we obviously couldn’t drink the tap water, but more bothersome than that was the fact that the water would be shut off at certain hours every day, so we had to carefully time our baths and showers, and conserve water for cooking, cleaning, and flushing the toilet, because we didn’t always know exactly what time it would be back on. You don’t realize what you have until it’s taken away.

Access to clean water is probably the most important service we get in the US…

So why do we take it for granted?


  • 780 million (or 11 percent of the global population) lack access to safe drinking water. More than 3x more people than live in the United States.
  • 3.41 million people die from water, sanitation and hygiene-related causes each year. More lives than any war claims through guns. Every 20 seconds, a child dies from a water-related illness.
  • Women spend 200 million hours a day collecting water, often missing school or injuring themselves in the process.

A Woman's Duty

Photo Credit: Water.org on Flickr



As part of The Mission List, I’m participating in Water.Org’s 10 Day Challenge, of which the goal is to drive traffic to Water.Org’s website, raise awareness about the global water crisis, and raise $2500 – enough money to bring 100 people clean water for life.


  • Give the gift of water; click here to donate to the Water.Org 10 Day Challenge.
  • Start your own fundraiser.
  • Learn more about the water crisis and spread the message online using Facebook and Twitter.


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  1. Paola says

    I’ve heard of this organization before! Such an important cause, in Bolivia in some parts the water situation is still how you describe Mexico’s in the 1980s