#WeDecide – Giving Latino voters a voice!

To give Latino voters a voice to discuss the social and political issues that are important to Latinos, nuvoTV and NBC News are joining forces to host We Decide: Latinos and the 2012 Election tonight, August 19th, at 8pm on nuvoTV.

Moderated by award-winning journalist and news anchor of NBC News’ TODAY, Natalie Morales, the We Decide Latino town hall special will feature a panel of high-profile experts who will engage with a live audience and other virtual participants connecting through social media platforms… We Decide Gives Latinos a Voice! The hour-long program will explore how the presidential candidates are addressing issues specific to America’s Latinos, including unemployment, healthcare and education.

Which topics are important to you? Which presidential candidate shares your views? It’s so important to be informed, as all these ads on TV can be confusing! My main concerns are the economy, education, and healthcare, as these are issues that affect my family directly every single day.

And there is reason to be concerned! The Latino poverty rate increased from 20.6% in 2006 to 26.6% in 2010, a greater increase than any other ethnic group. In fact, 6.1 million Latino children are living in poverty. As far as education, 41% of Latino adults over the age of 20 don’t have a high school diploma. Craziness.

However, for many Latino voters, perhaps no other issue is more personal than immigration, as seen in this video. We all know someone who is undocumented.

It’s SO important to get out there and vote and make our voices heard! We really can make a difference. Don’t miss this groundbreaking program on Sunday, August 19th at 8pm! For more information, please visit We Decide: Speak up & Make a Difference and follow We Decide on Facebook.

Disclosure: This is a compensated post in collaboration with Latina Bloggers Connect and nuvoTV. Statistics provided by Pew Hispanic Center.

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