What made us 2x stronger…

I absolutely love our neighborhood. It’s quiet, safe, tree-lined, with wonderful neighbors and dozens of kids for my daughters to play with. It has a close-knit community feel, but the yards are spacious and private. My girls leave their toys out in the yard and ride their bikes through the streets, carefree. We have a neighborhood list-serv, a newsletter, an active mom’s group, a babysitting co-op, book club, and a bunch of other well-organized committees that put together great monthly events – a Halloween parade, Easter egg hunt, chili cook-off, wine & cheese parties, and so much more. Although the area feels very suburban, there’s a wonderful elementary school, dozens of stores and restaurants, and a Metro station within a couple of miles… and we’re just a few minutes outside of Washington, DC. My kids will have wonderful memories of growing up in this neighborhood.

Yet, back in 2008, we considered giving it all up.

We decided that in order to take care of some debt – and stop living paycheck to paycheck – we needed to downsize. So we put our house on the market, planning to either rent a place for a year, or move a little farther away, looking to buy a home that cost significantly less than what our current house was worth. With the money that we’d make from selling our house, we could pay off all our credit cards and still have plenty left over for a down payment on a new, more affordable home.

family roomI figured that it was a good time to make this decision. I wanted to move before the girls started school because I knew that would make it that much harder on them. The baby was well, just a baby. Not even a year old yet, so I wasn’t worried about moving her away from her friends. Maya was almost 4 years old. Not really old enough to understand what was happening.

We fixed some things here and there, moving boxes and boxes of stuff into storage to stage the house a bit. I was heartbroken when our real estate agent suggested we paint our beautiful family room wall because it was a little “too abstract” and might turn buyers off. My house had never been cleaner. I would send the kids out to play every afternoon just so they wouldn’t make a mess inside, because you never knew when a potential buyer would want to stop by.

The problem was the housing market wasn’t exactly in good shape at that point. And though our house was beautiful – or so we were told – we didn’t have any takers. I mean, we did have a couple of buyers lowball us, but the difference was just too much and not worth it in the end.

I'm letting her jump all over the furniture...After 4 months, we took the house off the market. We gave it our best shot, but it just wasn’t meant to be. We decided that we would have to make some sacrifices, but we were determined to stay put. And it’s the best decision we ever made! Maybe we aren’t able to take the two-week vacations or buy the pool membership that so many of our neighbors enjoy, but we’re okay with that. Because we love our neighborhood. We love our house. It’s home. Situations like this can break up a marriage, but everything we went through that year made our family 2x stronger.

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  1. Deborah says

    Making it thru a non-traditional (for females) apprenticeship. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. hmmm

  2. Mike R. says

    Increasing my power walking by an hour a day has made me more than two times stronger.

  3. Lynne T. says

    This past Oct. my 90 yr. old dad had a stroke and a week later Hurricane Sandy hit. Going through both of these things back to back definitely made me at least 2x stronger since I had the responsibility of caring for my dad and dealing with preparing the house for the storm as well as the clean up afterward.

  4. Michelle Tucker says

    Being with my mother, holding her hand when she passed away. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.

  5. Alycia says

    My father passed away when I was 19, I had to leave college for a bit to help my family out. Overall, it made me a far better person, despite the sad circumstances.

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