There’s a lovely pond in front of the University of Texas tower that’s full of turtles, lilies, lily pads… it’s been there for years and I had never even noticed until my sister pointed it out today! A tranquil space surrounded by summer school chaos. What’s inspiring you these days?

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  1. Nicole says

    It’s been hard fr me to find tranquility these last few months, but when I go to our new house and sit on my new patio, which is nestled in a weeping willow tree, I kind of see a glimpse of peace. I’m working on it. Great pic! Have fun in Mexico =)

  2. Jennifer @Mami2Mommy says

    Such a beautiful picture! What has been inspiring me lately is running off to this little park in my area, solita, sitting on the swing and watching the other parents with their children. It inspires me to be a better parent!

  3. says

    As a city girl who sees more concrete than nature on a daily basis, I’d love to someday have my own lily pond! You’re right – there’s something so tranquil about it! I think I might need to take a little weekend visit to a lily pond I know of nearby :)